Strange Weather We're Having

Crazy day of weather yesterday in Iowa City—hot, humid, and intermittent showers throughout the day culminating with a torrential downpour in the early evening. I got out of my night class a little early and still happened to have my gear with me from a portrait shoot earlier in the day. And, as luck would have it, I also had my tripod in the back of my truck (because, er, I'd been too lazy to bring it upstairs after another shoot on Monday). Once again, laziness paid off. It was a simple matter to drive to the other end of the law school parking lot (which is on a hill with a view of the Johnson County Courthouse) and to set up and wait for something interesting. I missed a few lightning strikes getting set up but the lightning was so heavy this evening, you actually had the time to trip the shutter after a strike began. 

Strange weather indeed.